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  Bible Companion PDF Version


 The Statement of the Faith - A declaration of what we believe as proved by the Bible

 The Faith of the Gospel - A deeper look at the principles of the truth

 The Bible - what it is and how to interpret it

 The Millennium - Jesus' reign on earth for a thousand years

 The Gift of Eternal Life

 The Kingdom of God

 The Personal Return of Jesus Christ

 The Gospel


 What of the Future? Is there a remedy?

 The Atonement

 The Evil One

 Fellowship and the Truth

An appeal  to some "Chrsitadelphians"

 Christ more than man

 Catechesis - Scriptural Instruction on Mortality, Immortality, and Judgement


Also available by request  a daily readings plan.  An organised reading plan for the Bible every day throughout the year. Please email your postal address to -  and we will send you one free of charge.