Books of the Bible

Genesis to Song of Solomon

Genesis:- Covers; creation, the fall of man, the flood, call of Abraham and the early history of the seed of Abraham through to the 12 sons of Jacob and their descent into Egypt.

Exodus, Leviticus & Numbers:- Cover the events of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan, including the delivery and content of the Law of Moses.

Deuteronomy:- Moses exhortation to Israel on the borders of Canaan, at the end of his life, prior to Israel’s entrance into their inheritance.

Joshua:- Crossing of Jordan and battles under Joshua’s leadership to take the inheritance.

Judges:- Events during the time of the Judges over Israel.

1 Samuel:- This book details the history of Samuel as the last judge of Israel and his anointing of Saul as Israel’s first king, plus the events of Saul’s reign. Saul is rejected and Samuel anoints David as Israel’s second king, which leads to Saul’s hatred of David who has to go into hiding.

2 Samuel:- Chronological continuation from 1 Samuel, detailing the events of David’s reign.

1 Kings:- Chronological continuation from 2 Samuel, detailing the reign of Solomon over Israel and thence the splitting of the kingdom into; the northern kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam and the southern kingdom of Judah which remains true to the line of David. The book concludes with Jehoshaphat on the throne of Judah and Ahaziah of the line of Omri on the throne of Israel.

2 Kings:- Chronological continuation from 2 Kings until Israel is taken into captivity by Assyria, and Judah which continues longer, is taken into captivity by Babylon.

1 Chronicles:- Covers the history of David as king of Israel.

2 Chronicles:- Chronological continuation from 1 Chronicles, covering the history of Solomon’s reign and the line of the kings of Israel and Judah until the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity, respectively.

Ezra:- Details the history of Judah’s return to their inheritance in the era of the Achaemenid Empire and the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem in accordance with the edict of Cyrus.

Nehemiah:- Details the work of Nehemiah as Governor of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the city whilst under domination of the Achaemenid Empire.

Esther:- Details events in the Persian court in Susa (Shushan) when Esther a Jewess, was chosen as the Persian King’s consort, where she counteracts the intentions of Haman the Jews enemy.

Job:- This book presents the arguments of Job and his friends covering the reasons for adverse events in his life with loss of his children, his wealth and his health. Although many scholars believe that Job lived in the time period covered by Genesis this is an unproven assumption.

Psalms:- This is a collection of 150 poetic compilations, king David being the main contributor. Many describe the mind of the writer under various personal circumstances and/or his review of events in Israel’s history. However, they also include numerous prophetic statements quoted in the New Testament particularly relating to the work of Jesus Christ.

Proverbs:- These wise sayings, mainly of Solomon, are intended to make the reader consider the impact that their choice of direction or actions taken will have. The instruction being; to consider the long rather than just the short term impact.

Ecclesiastes:- Lessons that Solomon learnt from a consideration of life and how one spends one’s energy and time.

Song of Solomon:- 1 Kings 4:32 states that Solomon composed one thousand and five songs, of which this is one.

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