Weekly Quiz

5 questions about people, places, and animals of the Bible.

Answers will be given next week on our web page

1, Which female Judge said she was a ‘mother in Israel’?

2, Jacob and Zilpah = ? & Asher

3, How tall was Goliath?

4, Which musical instrument is not mentioned in Daniel 3 where all were commanded to bow down to Nebuchadnezzer’s image?
Psaltery – Harp – Cymbals – Sackbut – Dulcimer – Cornet – Flute

5, What does Phileo mean?

Answers to last weeks quiz

1, Who was Moses’ Brother?

2, Which tribe was Joshua from?

3, How many books are there in the New Testament?

4, Where did Jesus grow up?

5, How old was Josiah when he became king?

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