Weekly Quiz

5 questions about people, places, and animals of the Bible.

Answers will be given next week on our web page

1, Who killed Sisera and what with?

2, In what letter is the whole armour of God explained?

3, Which of these kings of Judah did not have wars with Israel?
Rehoboam – Asa – Jehoshaphat – Abijam

4, How many Kings of Judah were there following the split with the rest of Israel?
10 – 38 – 25 – 19 – 12

5, Where did Abraham send his servant to find a wife for Isaac?

Answers to last weeks quiz

1, What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
Psalm 117

2, Who was David’s great grandmother?

3, How many apostles did Jesus have?

4, What does the rainbow from the Bible represent?
Gods Covenant

5, What was Jesus first miracle?
Turning water into wine

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