Weekly Quiz

5 questions about people, places, and animals of the Bible.

Answers will be given next week on our web page

  1. How many of the 12 apostles do we know were fishermen ?
  2. Who was Abraham’s wife ?
  3. What does ‘Gospel’ mean ?
  4. Where did Paul see the Altar ‘To The Unknown God’?
  5. On what day of creation did God create man?

Answers to last weeks quiz

1, The Bible was written in 3 different languages: Greek, Hebrew and…?

2, The KJV was also known as… and why?
The Authorised version because it was the first English translated bible authorised to be read in Churches, sponsored by King James.

3, How many languages has the whole Bible been translated into? – 120 – 300 – 700 – 1000
700 languages, the New Testament a further 1548 languages

4, The longest reigning king over Judah was Manasseh, how long did he reign?
55 years

5, How old was Manasseh when he began to reign over Judah?
12 years old

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