An appeal to some "Christadelphians"

Each of the numerous sects of “Christadelphians” claims to have the Truth, and concedes to the other sections the same privilege believing that some from every section will be found on the right hand side of the judgment seat of Christ.

The object of this appeal is to ask the earnest enquirer for Truth whether this is in accordance with scriptural teaching, or on the other hand, whether the many sects of “Christadelphians” each virtually saying that all are going by different pathways to the kingdom, are not the latter day counterpart of the Apostasy that developed in the early centuries after Christ and the Apostles.

It is known that many will brush this appeal on one side with resentment. To such the appeal is not sent intentionally. It is hoped that those “Christadelphians,” perplexed by the foregoing state of affairs in their midst, and concerned by the laxity of their communities, will find in the following questions food for thought ; that it maybe, in fact, for them an opportunity to learn the Truth, and also show them how they may become possessors of it.


The Apostle Paul declares that the body of Christ is not divided, but is one; a unity. (1 Cor. 1, v 13; Eph. 4, v 3, 4). “Christadelphians” are divided into upwards of twelve sects. Is it possible that any one of these, or all, can be the body of Christ in face of this testimony?

In the Apostasy of the first centuries after Christ, the falling away brought about the establishment of the Roman Church. At what point in this falling away, that is, in the divisions which took place, did the inability to baptize into Christ take place ? If not when the first division occurred, must it not lead to the impossible conclusion that the Roman Church had and still has this ability to baptize into Christ?

“In the latter times some shall depart from the faith.” (1 Tim. 4, v 1). Here is a sign of the times. If it has not been fulfilled in the “Christadelphians,” then in whom is this sign fulfilled ? WHO HAVE HAD THE TRUTH IN THE LATTER TIMES, AND DEPARTED FROM IT?

Failure by “Christadelphians” to understand the doctrine of Christ underlying these questions has resulted in their union with the world, seen in membership of trade unions, co-operative societies, partnerships, etc. It should be borne in mind that to condemn these practices is not enough. To associate with them, by receiving such into the house and bidding them God speed, is adjudged by divine testimony as partaking of the evil. (2 John v 10, 11).

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