Bible Talks

As government restrictions concerning COVID19 are eased we are arranging a number of our local Bible talks, see location and subject details below.
These are subject to short notice cancellation depending on any further restrictions.

You can access previously recorded Bible talks by clicking here
There is also a selection of our Bible talks on YouTube, for our channel click here


Public Bible talks are held in
The Austen Leigh and Baldwin Institute, Eton Court, Eton
Berkshire, SL4 6BY
Starts at 6:30pm

Contact by post
The Secretary, Eton Ecclesia, 50 Belgrave Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3RE

Life Questions
Bible Answers

8 January 2023

Why am I here?

22 January 2023

Why is there so much evil
in the world?

12 February 2023

Where do I go
when I die?

26 February 2023

Is there a future
for this world?


Public Bible talks are held in
Hall on the corner of Church Hill and Hawley Road, Wilmington, Dartford
(Opposite Powder Mill Lane)
Starts at 6:30pm

Contact by post
The Secretary, Dartford Ecclesia, Bethgur, 52A Dartford Road,
Dartford, Kent, DA1 3ER

Divine Intervention in International Affairs
Bible Teaching

1 January2023

Tower of Babel

15 January 2023


5 February 2023

Egyptian & Chaldean

19 February 2023

Greek & Roman

5 March 2023

Today’s World

19 March 2023

World of Tomorrow


Public Bible talks are currently held online in Nottingham

Contact us for access information

Contact by post
The Secretary, Nottingham Ecclesia, 26 Hill Road, Gotham, Nottingham, NG11 0LD

22 January 2023

Do you believe in the God of the Bible?
A world in Turmoil and distress.
What does God require of you/Mankind?

19 March 2023

Jesus Christ, Past Present & Future.
Will He return to the Earth?
What does the Bible teach?

21 May 2023

From International Enmity to Peace.
God’s Plan will Triumph

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