Here you will find some useful literature to aid your study of the Bible, and learn more about our beliefs.

Bible Study Aids

Bible Companion

A daily Bible reading plan

The Statement of the Faith

A declaration of what we believe as proved by the Bible

The Faith of the Gospel

A deeper look at the principles of the truth

The Bible

What it is and how to interpret it?

The Millennium

Jesus’ reign on earth for a thousand years

The Gift of Eternal Life

“He who believes on the Son has life eternal”. (John 3 : 36)

The Kingdom of God

The divine purpose in relation to human affairs political.

The Personal Return of Jesus Christ

Is there a remedy to the present hopeless situation?

The Gospel

The good news of the coming Kingdom of God on Earth


The true Bible understanding of baptism

What of the Future?

Is there a remedy? to the present hopeless situation

The Atonement

God’s plan of salvation as originally taught by the apostles in the first century

The Evil One

Bible Teaching Concerning The Devil and Satan.

Fellowship and the Truth

The subject of fellowship was never more in season than at the present time

An Appeal to some Christadelphians

Each of the numerous sects of “Christadelphians” claims to have the Truth

Christ More than Man

Christ was more than man. We may overlook this in the efforts which have rid us of the false conceptions derived from “the vain traditions of our forefathers”.


Scriptural Instruction on Mortality, Immortality, and Judgement

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